What a Tweenager Really Wants for Christmas

What a Tweenager Really Wants for Christmas

No need to second guess, I’ve asked my nearly-eleven, going on 25 year old, what tweenagers really want for Christmas. The list may surprise you!

Well, of course, every tweenager wants presents – a new smartphone, jewellery, video games – you can’t blame them. I’ve rephrased the question (after all, that’s what adults do when they don’t get the answer they want) “What could you not, not have this Christmas?”


One thing I definitely need this Christmas is family whether I see them on a Skype call or in person, as long as I see them and talk to them. I mean, family is what Christmas is all about, a new baby being born to a joyous family. Your family is the most important thing ever, at least in my book (blog) it is! Also, if you are not with your family, who’s going to cook the turkey for you? Most tweenagers just want their family together – hugs, kisses, laughs, board games and in pyjamas at 2pm. There is nothing more Christmassy for me.

Magic of Christmas

Now, I know that Father Christmas is not real but I still believe it is important for my little sister believes just as much as I did. Father Christmas is not a physical being but a spirit for children to believe in, look up to and learn from. He is also an excuse to make loads of films. Although, apart from that, Christmas is in his honour, may he be real or a fantasy!


Now, of course, many people think Christmas is about presents and, to be honest, I agree. Although the meaning of presents is different for me. I think presents teach children how to give and also appreciate.

By giving, I mean many children learn to give. I do have to admit, when I was younger I used to go straight for the presents that were for me, not anyone else. Actually, now I’m older, I look forward to certain presents that I am giving my family.

Also, by appreciating, I mean that children can’t be disrespectful if they get a present they don’t particularly like. I am practising my “excited” face at the moment!

 These things are important to me and I believe that without these things, Christmas won’t be Christmas.

And that, my friends, is what a tweenager wants for Christmas!

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