When Should I Move My Baby Into Their Own Room?

When Should I Move My Baby Into Their Own Room?

This is a really common question that many MOLOs ponder at one point or another and it can be tricky to know what is for the best for you and your baby – when is the right time to move your baby into the own room?

For some parents, they may feel that their baby is disturbed when sleeping in the same room as them – and of course, if you have a snuffler, your sleep might be equally as disrupted and it will feel like a logical idea to move them into their room.

So what is recommended?

Unicef recommend that your baby stays in the same room as you for as long as possible – but a minimum of 6 months. This is to help regulate your baby’s breathing, helping them to learn this skill by listening to you and getting to know the rhythm of your breathing at night.

Keeping your baby in your room for these early months also helps with frequent feeding, and it might help to know that this is a phase where your baby will need to feed regularly during the night. Very young babies have small stomachs and they digest milk quickly, so need to be fed regularly. There is some thought that the natural, frequent night wakings also contribute to preventing SIDs, like an in-built alarm!

The Lullaby Trust has a range of resources to help you understand the guidelines and why they are recommended.

Click on the buttons below for more information and for more advice on safe sleep, check our Guide here.

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