Motherhood: Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

Motherhood: Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

Nobody told me there would be nights when I’d spend hours trying to calm a screaming baby.

Nobody mentioned the frantic, worried days when they caught their first cold.

Nobody explained the immense joy and pride I’d feel at that first giggle, those first words and all those precious firsts.

Because no one can. You can’t put the intensity of looking after a small child 24/7 into words.

Motherhood is hard, amazing but hard. I’m writing this whilst breastfeeding a 6 month old and simultaneously trying to wrestle a 2-year-old into her socks. Not the pink socks though it must be the blue. There are not enough arms. I wish I had more arms…

I was always a tom boy growing up. Don’t get me wrong, I loved a good pair of false eyelashes but I always felt happier in the company of men. I was never a girly girl. I always thought I would end up a crazy cat kinda lady.

Since my little family expanded I see women in a completely different light. I now see women have an amazing strength that I didn’t see before. Women everywhere, everyday juggling their kids. Women just like me. Getting the shopping in the car whilst kissing their toddlers bumped knee better and settling the baby. Women who are not only coping but absolutely excelling at motherhood.

Thank you all you kind, beautiful mums. It can be tough, but when one of you sees me struggling I know you’ll be there to help me get my pram through those teeny tiny shop doors or to roll your eyes with me when our toddlers are throwing food across the cafe again and the waitress is looking less than pleased.

Nobody told me how hard it would be and I’m glad they didn’t. I’ve found a new strength that I didn’t know I had. That relaxed tom boy has long gone but a multi-tasking, baby wearing, forever washing, strong woman has replaced her.

Amelia McCarthy

Mum, musician, baby wearer, lover of paisley and all things vintage. Hypnobirthing practitioner from Manchester, changing the world one birth at a time.





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