15 Inexpensive Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Summer Time

15 Inexpensive Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Summer Time

We all love the summertime, the great weather makes us feel cheerful, and there are plenty of fun activities to do. If you’re looking to entertain your kids in the summer, without spending lots of money, check out these 14 cheap activities.

1 . Make your own bird feeder

Making your own bird feeder is a great activity for kids in the summertime. It’s the perfect way to get creative and help your children to learn about nature. One of the easiest feeders to make is a pine cone bird feeder. First, you gather pine cones, and then you attach strings to the top. Next, spread lard or peanut butter onto the pine cones. Once the cones are nice and sticky, you can dip the cones into a pile of birdseed. When the feeder is finished, you can hang it from a tree, or attach it to the fence in your garden.

2. Plan a camping trip

Camping trips are a great way to have an inexpensive summer holiday. There are many activities you can do on a camping trip from hiking to roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs. Camping allows you to explore the natural world, play outdoor games and get plenty of exercise. It’s also nice for kids to have a break from technology, whether that’s TV shows or apps. While there are plenty of educational kids apps, it’s healthy to have a break from the screen.

3. Home cookery classes

Cooking together is an enjoyable and wholesome activity, the chance to teach your kids new skills and make some tasty treats. For some inspiration, check out these great books:

The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook: This amazing cookbook has plenty of recipes that you can make with little kids. All recipes are toddler-friendly, with no raw meat, sharp knives, or hobs involved! These recipes focus on activities that little kids will love, from pouring and mixing to squishing.

Gruffalo Crumble And Other Recipes: Based on the famous children’s book The Gruffalo, here you’ll find plenty of easy recipes to make with your kids. From ‘owl ice-cream’, to ‘scrambled snake’, these silly recipes are super fun to make together.

4. Classic picnic in the park

Nothing beats a picnic in the park on a nice sunny day. All you need is a large picnic mat and some delicious treats. Bring along a few outdoor games that you can play together, whether it’s ball games, hula hooping, skipping ropes, or board games. Invite your kids’ friends and their parents, and make a real day of it.


5. Painting in the garden

Kids just love painting, but it can make a real mess of your furniture if you’re not careful! When the sun is shining, try painting in the garden. Your children will likely enjoy painting outside, and you won’t have to worry so much about the mess! When you’re shopping for paint, consider purchasing non-toxic eco-paints. These paints are designed to be better for your health and the environment.

6. Take a fishing trip

Fishing is a great summer activity for children. A fishing trip is great exercise and gives your kids a chance to learn new skills. Getting out on the water is therapeutic, helping children to feel relaxed and calm. When you’re taking your kids on their first fishing trip, these tips may come in handy:

  • Take spare clothes: The weather can change quickly, so it’s best to take extra clothing even on a sunny day. You might end up getting wet and cold, and you don’t want this to spoil the fun for your kiddies!
  • Catch common fish: Not all children have the attention span to sit and wait patiently. When you take your kids on a fishing trip, focus on the smaller and more common fish. (These are easier to catch)!
  • Short sessions: If your kids have never been fishing before it’s a good idea to start with a short fishing session. Once your kids get more used to the activity, they’ll be more comfortable fishing for longer.

7. Go on a nature walk

Exploring nature is one of the most worthwhile activities to do with your children. Find a forest or nature reserve and take your children on a walk. When you’re exploring the forest, it’s a good idea to plan activities along the way. Here are a few ideas:

  • Collect natural materials: When you’re walking through the forest, collect natural materials along the way. You might collect fallen leaves or flower petals, twigs, pretty stones, or feathers. When you arrive home you can use these materials to create an art collage.
  • Look for animals insects: Whether you’re exploring a wildlife reserve or a forest, there will be plenty of animals to spot. Look for squirrels, birds, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Take pictures, and draw these together later on.

8. Day at the beach

A classic summer activity that everyone loves, a day at the beach is both cheap and leisurely. There are plenty of free activities you can do at the beach, whether it’s building sandcastles, playing beach ball, or swimming. Bring along plenty of food and snacks from home, to save a little money. It doesn’t have to be all about the kids! A trip to the beach is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new beachwear. You might try a new beach dress or a swimming costume?


9. Visit museums

Visiting museums is a great educational activity for the summertime. Plenty of museums offer free exhibitions for children or discounted tickets. Here are a few museums in London that your children might enjoy:

London Transport Museum: Here you can explore plenty of exhibits about the history of London. All of the galleries have plenty of interactive games for children to play with. Don’t forget to check out ‘All Aboard’, (the special kids area).

The British Museum: Here your children can learn plenty of new things, exploring the beautiful exhibitions. Kids will love the Digital Discovery Centre, there are plenty of free events to join in here.

 10. Garden scavenger hunt

Children love treasure hunts, and summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and play. First, you’ll want to choose a theme for the scavenger hunt whether it’s teddy bears, nature, sweets, or a pirate theme! If you can’t decide on a theme, check out some printable kids scavenger hunt ideas.

11. Water balloon fight

Water balloon fights are a great activity to keep cool in the summer. You’ll have plenty of laughs, and get those endorphins pumping! For a unique idea you might want to fill the balloons with chalk paint, for a colorful (and messy) paint fight!

12. Exercise in the garden 

There are plenty of sports games you can play in the garden, whether it’s football or practicing gymnastics. For something a little more chilled, why not get some yoga mats and practice a few yoga moves? To help your kids practice yoga you might want to check out these apps:

Yoga for kids: This app helps children to learn all the basic yoga poses, in a fun and engaging way. There are plenty of benefits of practicing yoga including relaxation, improved flexibility, and posture.

Super Strength Yoga: With the help of superhero characters, your kids can learn yoga and have lots of fun along the way. There are videos, challenges, games, and more.

13. Play tennis

Check out the local tennis courts in your neighborhood, and challenge your kiddies to a game of tennis. Playing tennis has plenty of benefits for kids, including improved hand-eye coordination, and flexibility. It’s a great form of cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. If your kids enjoy the sport, they might even like to join a kid’s tennis club.

14. Outdoor cinema

Buy yourself a cheap second-hand projector and have yourself an outdoor cinema night in the garden. Let your kids choose their favorite movie, and invite some friends. Stock up on yummy snacks and friends to make the event more fun. To make the event a little more special, why not create a quiz? You can ask your kids questions about their favorite movie. You could even include prizes for the winner of the quiz.

15. Go to the library

Visiting the library is both free and educational. Here you can help your children to choose some new books, and read them in the kid’s area. Check out any summer activities that your local library is running. Some libraries put on events for children during the summer holidays. Reading is one of the best activities to boost a child’s mental health.

There are so many activities that you can do in the summer with your children. You don’t need to break the bank to have a great time. Why not ask your kids for a few ideas? They might already have a few summer activities in mind.

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