#BeMoreMOLO – A Mother’s Day Act of Kindness

#BeMoreMOLO – A Mother’s Day Act of Kindness

I spent my first Mother’s Day in NICU staring at the tiny body of my eldest son covered in tubes and wires, listening to the constant beeping and occasional alarms. The NICU nurses had made a card with his footprints on, other than that there was nothing symbolic about it to signify I was a first-time mother, experiencing my first Mother’s Day.

I spent my second Mother’s Day bitterly arguing with my (now ex) partner, for the lack of thought or consideration into organising a card or home-made gift on behalf of our son, despite the effort I had put into Father’s Day.

By my third Mother’s Day, I was a single parent with two boys and felt it would be desperate to organise anything on their behalf.

With my fourth Mother’s Day approaching, my own mother having recently passed away I was certain that I wanted to put a history of disappointing Mother’s Days behind me. I put out an appeal on The Motherload® Facebook group:

“What are any other single mums doing for Mother’s Day?”

There were fantastic suggestions such as organising a meetup with local, single MOLOs, buying and eating cake and spending the day doing arts and crafts with my boys.

However, one amazing MOLO, Ellie Lonsdale commented on my post informing me that she wanted to do a random act of kindness and had chosen me.

After exchanging information I shortly received an Amazon gift voucher via email with the following message:

Wynter & Bodhi. 

Mother’s Day is coming up which is a VERY special day where you let your mummy know how special she is and how much you love her. You need to buy her a little pressie to make her smile. Have a really big think about what you think she might like. Does she like books? Or would she like a new lipstick? Maybe a box of chocolates or a new scarf? When you have decided get mummy to help you order it and it will come through the post. 

Don’t forget to give it to her with a kiss x

I didn’t realise how long it had been since I had been thought of and I was filled with such emotion, I became tearful. When I explained to my boys what had happened, they were so excited at being given the opportunity to choose a gift for me. My eldest thought long and hard, after awhile he turned to me and said “Mummy, you always put bubbles in our bath but you never have bubbles in yours. Can we choose some bubbles for you as they’re really fun?” and so a bath gift set was chosen.

This will be my best Mother’s Day ever, all thanks to a kind and thoughtful MOLO!

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