#FindTheSkater: A Random Act of Kindness on the Tube

We absolutely LOVE a random act of kindness at The Motherload, and had to share this fantastic story from The Motherload Facebook community with you. Let’s share it and see if we can #FindTheSkater and let him know how much his good deed means to Stan and Karen – and how brilliant a load of mums think he is!

So last night, MOLO Karen Smith posted this photo of her son, on the tube with a skateboard, and she told us the amazing story of how he came to have it: 

So this is my son Stanley. He is 7 and recently into skateboarding. This morning on the tube, Northern Line with my other half – they spotted a young man in a red #Vans baseball cap. He had a skateboard and looked cool. He caught their eye and he pushed the skateboard to them with a wide smile. They then went on to chat about his skateboard and he answered Stan’s questions… next thing they know he’s getting up to leave without the board. My other half attempts to hand it back – “no man, it’s his now” – they tried again and he insisted, utterly. He was delighted to give it to Stan! This boy has been beaming all day. Thank you guy in baseball cap – you should be a #MOLO #amazing #actofkindness  – how wonderful is that?

The MOLOs loved Karen’s story, with over 1.5k likes, and stacks of comments; 

Sabrina: What an amazingly kind guy – love London!

Meg: Actual tears!

Caroline: It annoys me when the press go on and on about “the youth of today – yada, yada”. More stories like yours please! Random acts by young people to other young people make us realise that the world isn’t so bad after all. Thanks for sharing x

Stephanie: Restores my faith in the tube.

Laura:  I know a few skateboarders and it’s like a family, can’t put it into words but this is a great example of the camaraderie and passion being shared with a younger generation of boarders.

Hurtin: Aw yay! What an awesome thing to do, well done ‘kid in a baseball cap’! How lovely for your little boy!

Karima: Pay it forward is my favourite film and favourite human act. So are we doing this #findtheskater?

Lots more MOLOs joined the calls to #findtheskater and offered to share Karen’s post to track this guy down and tell him how brilliant he is. We love to hear stories of kindness to others and encourage our members to #BeMoreMOLO so we got in touch with Karen to find out more, and see if we can help to #findtheskater.

Karen, from Hampstead, North West London, told us a bit more about what happened on the tube, and how much it meant to her and Stan:

I was at work yesterday when I received an excited call from Dick, my other half. He had accompanied Daisy (10) and Stan (7) on the tube with our nanny to get the Thames Clipper down the National Maritime Museum for a fun day out. We were so very touched by this young man, in his mid to late twenties who thought nothing of giving his skateboard to a little boy on the tube. Both Dick and I are daily commuters on the tube and people rarely make eye-contact, let alone perform selfless and altruistic acts without a second thought. Dick said that many other people on the carriage were beaming after the event too – a really happy, shiny moment. Personally, I’m blown away by how many likes my post on The Motherload has received. I think like myself, we all just crave a little more kindness in the world – it’s a beautiful thing and a lovely lesson for my kids. As mummies I think we are deeply touched by a perfectly innocent kindness towards a child – it’s deeply moving and life-affirming. I think this young man is a real credit to whichever MOLO brought him into this world and that should be celebrated!

Ah Karen, we couldn’t agree more – the gift of the skateboard is just amazing, but the lesson in kindness and altruism is priceless. Thanks for sharing your story with us, it’s warmed our cockles. 

Since we shared this story, The Sun, Closer magazine the Evening Standard, Transport for London and London Underground have joined the search! Email us on [email protected] if you know who the kind skater is!

Share this story and let’s see if we can #FindTheSkater and tell him how much his good deed means to Karen and Stan. What a dude!


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Image credits: Karen Smith/The Motherload


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