Happy Father’s Day, Super Dads!

Happy Father’s Day, Super Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there. To celebrate this special day, six of the Motherload bloggers have written tributes to the fathers and grandfathers of our children

Dear Paul

How could I have known, when we met and fell in love, that you would be this incredible father to our children? I didn’t know you’d be a father at all. If I’d been asked, I would have guessed that you’d make a good dad. But I couldn’t have known the extent of it. That you’d sit by our daughter’s bedside for her first two weeks of life, willing her to survive. That you’d teach our son to be as kind and good as you are. That you’d help instil in them both a sense that they can be and do whatever they want.

I am grateful every day that our children have someone so wonderful to look up to. And every time they ask for Daddy, I am proud. That you are in one another’s lives. That they love you endlessly, and you them. That we decided to make this little family.

Happy Father’s Day. You are making my life and their lives great, today and every day.

Love from Laura

Laura Pearson

Fiona Doyle writes:

I’ve always played down Father’s Day in my single parent home (seeing as Mother’s Day is never acknowledged by my ex!) but since my daughter started school it has pervaded the household in the form of cards, activities and crafts coming home in her bag all week. I’ve turned it on its head by making sure we celebrate the best dad I know – my own one, who is the most amazing grandad we could ask for and puts so much time and effort into making sure my daughter feels happy and loved.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing grandads out there who support their daughters in their single parent families – you are incredible!

Dear Dylan,

They say anyone can become a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy. It’s so true! Not only do you toil so hard to ensure I can stay at home with our little ones and work in the evenings, a huge privilege that I feel thankful for each day, you have also come through some heart-wrenchingly tough times remaining so strong while still being such a fun dad. From the word go, our journey into parenting was a tough one. Four months of juggling the demands of a newborn with constant hospital visiting would have broken most people – but you stayed strong even in our darkest hours, for me and for our beautiful daughter Alexandra.

Then an unexpected, high-risk pregnancy a year later would have driven most to question walking away. Yet you stayed for me, for Alexandra and for our unborn son. When Max came along you again faced a juggle – this time looking after a demanding toddler while visiting our poorly baby in hospital. We are so very lucky to have you – on our hard days, but also the fun days too!

Harriet, Alexandra and Max x

Harriet Ernstsons-Evans

Catherine Simonds writes:

Before my grandma died, I asked her, as a woman who’d been married for 60 years, how you know when someone is ‘the one?’. She said: ‘you just know’. I met him when I was 19, we got together when I was 21 and I ‘just knew’. I saw him with our future children in my mind and now, 20 years later, I can see it for real. I love him more and more each day, and becoming a father is when I first saw him properly cry, when I first saw him weep with joy. It’s the most worried, the most tired and the happiest I’ve ever seen him. His patience, the way he sits and reads or plays with our sons. He washes their little socks, he makes them lovely meals, he takes them to work sometimes, he always has a little boy tagging behind him- helping him with whatever the domestic task of the day is. My heart bursts every day when I see them together. He is my hero and my sons have the best role-model in the world. Grandma was right, I knew he would be.

To Simon

As a typical accountant you live by order, correct answers and logic. For someone who likes structure you’ve adapted so well to the confusing chaos of parenting.

I know you doubt yourself at times, question what you are doing and look to me for guidance. But, you know what? You’ve got this.

I’m grateful you support me, not only with raising the boys but with running the house. The equality we have in our relationship and the love and respect you show me sets an example to our sons.

Many cross words are hissed in a sleep deprived haze and divorce may be threatened on a monthly basis but having the children has made our relationship stronger.

We may differ in our opinions on exactly how ‘grown-up’ a two-year-old should be but you have the desire to be the best father you can. I’ve watched you move so far out of your comfort zone – playing make believe even though you say you have no imagination; giving horsey rides despite your dodgy back and creating songs to make nappy changes easier.

On this, your third Father’s Day, I want to say thank you. I can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather have by my side as a daddy to my children. Our boys are incredibly lucky.


Leanne Simons

Dear Paul

When I carried him in my belly, you couldn’t do much for him. When he arrived he was so dependent on me that you couldn’t do much, you tried though. You looked after me and in turn that nurtured and nourished him. He is a toddler now and now you have come into your own. Our little boy, he asks for you. He has activities that only you do with him. He comes home from nursery and he asks to see the ‘boc bocs’ with you and off you toddle together to get the eggs from our chickens. He asks for ‘tortush’ and you take his hand to search the garden for our tortoise. And every bedtime you do his story with him. You give me half an hour to just unwind and brush the day off me and I lay in the next room listening to the giggles and the questions and when he finally says ‘night night’ to you. It makes my heart happy. He adores you. We love you.

Happy Father’s Day Daddoo!


Ren Benson

Laura Pearson

Laura is a writer who lives in Leicestershire with her husband and their two children. When she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found trying to get her son to put his shoes on, encouraging her daughter to sleep past 5am or moving small items from one room to another. You can follow her on Twitter and on her blog about getting cancer when she was pregnant.

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