November Readalong: The Doll Factory

November Readalong: The Doll Factory

If you’ve fallen out of love with reading and need a helping hand to reignite your love of books, you’re not alone! At The Motherload® Book Club our members all share a passion of books, and you can join in with readalongs, book recommendations and general book chit-chat. So if you need help choosing a book this autumn, you’ve come to the right place.

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Each month we’ll choose one book, and get together at 8.30pm on the first Monday of the following month, to chat about it on Facebook. There’s no pressure to do it every month, and there’s loads of other book-related chat on the group – you can join here now!

Our next read-along, to be discussed on Monday 7th December at 8.30pm in The Motherload®® Book Club is…

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth MacNeal

Buy The Doll Factory on Amazon here:

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London, 1850. On a crowded street, the dollmaker Iris Whittle meets the artist Louis Frost. Louis is a Pre-Raphaelite painter who yearns to have his work displayed in the Royal Academy, and he is desperate for Iris to be his model. Iris agrees, on the condition that he teaches her to paint.

Dreaming of freedom, Iris throws herself into this new life of art and love, unaware that she has caught the eye of a second man. Silas Reed is a curiosity collector, enchanted by the strange and beautiful. After seeing Iris at the site of the Great Exhibition, he finds he cannot forget her.

As Iris’s world expands, Silas’s obsession grows. It is only a matter of time before they meet again.

You can buy it here from Amazon for £6.97 paperback or get it on your Kindle for £3.99 straight away.

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