How to Keep Your Style as a New Mum

How to Keep Your Style as a New Mum

When you become a parent, it can be hard to hold onto your sense of style. Time is at a premium, your baby is your priority, and energy levels are depleted. It’s no wonder many of us experience an identity crisis around this time and as much as we’d love to live in our pajamas it’s not socially acceptable. Updating your wardrobe without compromising on your signature look is the key to feeling confident in your appearance and embracing the natural body changes that come with having a baby. 


Your lifestyle will likely have changed since having a baby – nights out at the local club are on hold and your social life probably revolves around baby massage classes and health visitor appointments. Babies are messy little beings (the holy trinity of sick, wee, and poop being joined by pureed carrot once the weaning starts), so your clothes need to be hardwearing and withstand regular washing. Budget basics can work well around the house and you’ll soon learn why jeans are the standard uniform for mums for their hardiness. Opt for mom-fit rather than squeezing into jeggings during the postpartum period for comfort and paired with a classic t-shirt or long-sleeved top you’ll be rocking the look adopted by thousands of mums for style with ease.


If getting out of your comfy clothes feels like too much of an effort, you’re in luck – loungewear is still popular and matching sets are smart enough for popping to the corner shop or the school run. Elasticated waists and soft materials are the order of the day following the birth so go for looser fits for a more comfortable experience.

Dressing Up

If casual just isn’t your thing, floaty dresses are great for new mums as they are loose around the tummy area (particularly useful if you’ve had a C-section). If you’re breastfeeding, look for a deep-cut neckline that you can pair with a vest top for easy access. Check out websites like Luella Fashion for relaxed styles that are smart enough for a special occasion but still offer the comfort and durability you need for a day on the frontline as a mum. There is a selection of dresses, tops, and more to choose from.


Changes to your body shape are inevitable throughout pregnancy and beyond, so don’t forget to update the contents of your underwear drawer. Underwear for breastfeeding and the postpartum period doesn’t need to be boring so shop around for items that boost your confidence. Just because you’re a mum now doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy! Be sure to get measured each time you buy new bras to be sure of comfort and a good fit. If clothes are the cladding, underwear is the scaffolding, so invest in good quality bras and knickers that will make the most of your figure and offer you all the support you need.

Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your hair straighteners might be languishing on your dressing table untouched and there may be a streak of cottage-cheese baby vomit on your jumper, but to your little one you’re the most important person in the world and they don’t give a fig what you’re wearing.

Kate Dyson

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