But What About International Men’s Day?

But What About International Men’s Day?

Today it is International Women’s Day – a day for celebrating womanhood, reflecting on our achievements and assessing what still needs to be done to drag ourselves up to something resembling equality. But why does International Women’s Day always raise the question:

But what about International Men’s Day?

It’s a question that comedian Richard Herring will probably spend all day on Twitter answering, so let’s give him a hand here.

Menfolk, we love you, we make homes with you, we make babies with you, we make friends with you. International Women’s Day is NOT about being against men, so please, don’t feel threatened, or hurt or left out. It’s just not about you. It’s about women.

I’d hazard a guess that nine times out of ten, it’s a disingenuous question, because the men posing that question think they are cleverly pointing out some sort of reverse sexism, that men don’t need a special day and women should just get back in their boxes and stop banging on about fucking brilliant they are/how equality has still not been achieved/#metoo/#timesup/#everydaysexism/how much they love the Suffragettes.

But do you know what? 

International Men’s Day is on November the 19th

and it aims to raise awareness of some really important issues for men. So mark it on your calendar now, and then come and support us in celebrating women and dreaming of a time when we really can all be equals.

PS. If you’ve ever asked the question “But what about International Men’s Day” – on International Women’s Day – you should totally watch this amazing video by Scott Benson

Image credit: Scott Benson

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