You Know You’re a Mum of Twins When…

You Know You’re a Mum of Twins When…

Whether it’s double trouble or twice the joy, there’s no doubt that being the mum of twins brings along its own special set of challenges. MOLO twin mum Jaime Cameron put together this list for us. Are you the mum of twins? What would you add to the list?

1. Getting into and out of the car is like a military operation. You get so fed up of double trips that you become adept at getting them both to and from the car in one go.  

2. There’s no such thing as ‘nipping’ anywhere. 
3. You do not dare to ask anyone to babysit as it feels like your sending them to slaughter. (The babysitter, not the twins) 
4. You’re breastfeeding one and the other decides they want a drink too and you have to referee the scuffle for the same boob. 
5. You reach ninja level at multi-tasking! 
6. You grow eyes in the sides as well as the back of your head. 
7. You get stopped to be asked “are they twins”, “are they identical??” (clearly not as they aren’t the same colour) or hearing the phrase “you have your hands full”. Everyday!
8. You count out pasta pieces and measure pieces of fruit against each other to ensure one isn’t going short. 
9. A synchronised nap is on par with a lottery win. 
10. You have a side by side and a tandem pushchair for particular purposes. 
11. There’s no chance of getting away with feeling antisocial as you WILL be noticed and approached doing the food shop if the twins are accompanying you. OR you purposefully don’t make any eye contact and pretend you didn’t hear “aww look twins” because today you can’t be arsed answering the twin questions for the millionth time this week. 
12. You’re thankful that one twin is laid back and happy to get on playing when the other is being super-clingy. 
13. You feel guilty that one is getting more cuddles and attention than the other. Aka Little Miss Clingy twin. 
14. Baby-led weaning is a God send as once established you have time to eat yourself and/or have a much needed cuppa whilst they eat.  
15. Co-sleeping is an energy saver as you can’t be arse with getting out of bed to tend to two babies in the night. 
16. You have rock solid biceps. 
17. You can open doors with your feet and close them with your arse. 
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About Jaime

I’m 39 and a long-time wishing mum of 3 girls. I’ve been Deputy Manager of a Children’s Home for 12 years  and am currently on maternity leave. I always try to have a positive outlook on life. My favourite quote of all time is “believe to see”.
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