Looking for the Positives in Parenting

Looking for the Positives in Parenting

So many of us focus of what we are doing wrong that we fail to see what we are doing okay with. I’m trying to find the positives in parenting.

If you would like to challenge me into seeing the positive in your parenting ‘issue’ then please comment and tag me and I will do my best.

Here are my own problems, turned into positives:

1. You worry you are doing nothing right. That means you care enough to worry and caring enough is definitely doing something right.

2. There are pans everywhere from your cooking. So you have spent time cooking for your child, which is great.

3. There are jars and packets of shop bought ready-made food everywhere. You feed your child, which is great.

4. There are piles of clean laundry everywhere. You put your kids in clean clothes.

5. There are piles of dirty laundry everywhere. You prioritise spending time with your kids while they are awake and want to spend time with you where washing can be shoved in a machine and done at any point.

6. The food shopping you bought is still not put away. You buy your kids food.

7. Your child screams unless YOU are holding them. You have developed a deep connection with them. You are their world.

8. Your child is happy to be left to themselves while you do the odd jobs that you can do while still supervising them. You have created a sense of assurance and trust in them that you will always be there when they need you.

9. Your child turns from a devil child to an angel child when others are around. This means they want to show you and others that they can be nice, caring and always loving in front of others.

10. Your child turns from the angel child they normally are around you to the devil child they can be when others are around. This means your child has a deep connection with you that no matter what they do – YOU will still love them. They are testing the boundaries with others to see who is worth their affection.

11. They are constantly asking for you to play/make/read/watch/listen/sit with them. They want you because you are important and care and they trust you.

12. They are not constantly asking for you. They have reached a place where they know and trust you will come if they need you so can play by themselves.

13. There is toothpaste all over the bathroom. Your kids brush their teeth.

14. There is no toilet roll in the bathroom. Your kids clean themselves properly.

Feel free to comment with your own parenting issue and I’ll try to find the positive. Hit me with them! Later MOLOs! xx

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