The Motherload Guide to: Christmas WINE

The Motherload Guide to: Christmas WINE

Christmas is a fabulous time of the year, I personally love it and even more now that my two boys (who are 4 and 5) are really into it.

Unfortunately, they are still naughty little sh**s who don’t care if the elves leave them a red card and they could be on the naughty list! It’s bloody hard work being a parent and you are equally rewarded by the unconditional love of your children but only really appreciate that when they are in bed sleeping!! Or is that just me??

Let me tell you a bit about myself first: I have worked in the drinks industry for 15 years and very fortunately I have worked in the wine industry for the last 9 years. I am a northerner who lives down south and refuse to lose my northern twang. I come from a very hardworking, working class background, so what I am trying to say is there are no airs and graces from me and I am not one of these silk tie and handkerchief wine buffs. I enjoy drinking wine and have developed an online wine shop and a wine training business to help the ordinary folk, like me, out there can learn and appreciate wine a bit more!

So, what will I be drinking over the Christmas period? Let me tell you…

Christmas morning is about the children and the presents and quite frankly you need something to get you through the early hours and the mess! I recommend a champagne, delicious with a splash of orange juice and your breakfast and then enjoy the rest whilst putting the turkey in the oven (chef’s privilege!)! 

This Champagne is lovely and light with a perfect little fizz, its creamy and buttery and not bad at all in terms of price. Don’t forget that MOLO’s get an extra 5% off at the checkout when you enter MOLO5 as your discount code.JillFrost

When it comes to Christmas dinner we usually go to my fabulous in-laws but this year we are having dinner at ours and both sets of parents will be here. A wine that will work really well with Turkey, Salmon, and any vegetarian option (my own mum has become one of those this year!) is this Chardonnay. If you like Chardonnay, then you will love it! It’s Californian and has been aged in oak, which means  that it’s lovely and fruity but also with a creamy vanilla-type smoothness and lots of flavour  – in fact, it will work well with all of our lovely Christmas goodies.

For red wine lovers, and those that are having maybe goose or beef for their main then this Garnache will be fabulous. It’s so easy to drink but has been made from old vines (as the name suggests) they are over 100 years old and have been aged in oak, it makes the wine smooth and the tannins (the parts that make you suck your cheeks in on dodgy wine!) really rounded.

For those of us that like a dessert wine – me! – then this is excellent, and those of us that haven’t tried one, then why not try one this Christmas? It’s a good reason as even if you’re not having a dessert you can enjoy a glass of this one with a mince pie! But please do try drinking it with dessert foods – like Christmas pudding, or cake, as they can be very sweet on their own (which I love) but not everyone will enjoy. It’s a different experience when paired with the deep flavours of Christmas sweet treats. 

There are many wines that I would recommend for over the festive period and many that I will be drinking (and not just because, quite frankly, spending that much time with everyone means that you may need a glass of something!) So, look at some of these for just, you know – wrapping presents, stuffing the turkey, making mince pies etc.

But let’s face it –  who needs an ‘excuse’? Merry Christmas! 

The Motherload® Store

The Motherload® Store is full of fabulous businesses, like the Easy Wine Club, which are run by MOLOs. If you register with the site, we’ll send you our weekly email, with splendid discount codes to use in all of them including 5% off for The Easy Wine Shop featured in this article. Bon viveur! 

As ever, while we all enjoy a tipple (especially at this time of the year), please remember to drink responsibly.

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