The Motherload Guide: The Stress-free Easter Egg Hunt

The Motherload Guide: The Stress-free Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming, a chance to gorge on chocolate, guilt-free. It might be Christmas’ slightly less gluttonous cousin but that doesn’t mean we’re absolved from the pressure of producing Pinterest-perfect moments. So I’ve got the perfect ‘Pinterest mum’ solution for those rare social media moments that may hopefully reflect reality for once!

The Easter Egg Hunt is hands down the main event of the big day for us. I remember foraging for chocolate eggs in the garden with my sisters, stuffing our faces until we turned green and the inevitable squabble over how many eggs each other had.

As a mum myself now, with five of us to cater for and both my boys unable to eat milk chocolate without resulting in explosive diarrhoea and projectile vomiting, I’ve opted for what should hopefully be a stress-free Egg Hunt.

2017 will be the year of the Coloured Easter Egg Hunt!

I’ve bought a few sets of the coloured plastic eggs from Tesco (they can also be bought from Poundland, The Range or Amazon).

Each of us will have an assigned colour egg to find, by the end of hunt there will be no arguments as we will all have six eggs each.

I have filled the children’s eggs with party bag fillers such as  mini bubbles, bouncy balls, stickers and medals.

The adults have Kinder Eggs and wrapped chocolates in theirs.

As well as a Lindt Bunny/main Easter egg to find, it should be the best stress-free hunt to date!

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Paloma, 25 living in London. A single parent (referee) to two boys under 4 and sporadic scientist. You can follow Paloma on Instagram and on her blog
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Paloma Thompson

Paloma, sole parent of a multiethnic and neurodiverse family. Former scientist, current unschooling travel addict on a mission to challenge perceptions and open minds.

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