No More – A Poem for Jo Cox

As well as being an MP, Jo Cox was a wife and mother. Her senseless killing left behind two young children and their dad.

Here is The Motherload’s tribute to Jo,written by Alison McGarragh-Murphy.

No More – A Poem for Jo Cox

No more morning cuddles,
Small children in your bed.
No more chatty breakfasts,
Or gently ruffled heads.

No more tiny kisses,
Or running in the park.
No more ‘I love you’,
As their hands wave you to work.

No more smudgy paintings,
Proudly proffered back at home.
No more messy mealtimes,
Or splashes from the bath.

No more bedtime stories,
Or lullabies softly sung.
No more midnight kisses,
On sweet, sleeping cheeks.

No more hearing ‘mummy’.
No more feeling hugs.
No more smelling fresh-washed hair.
No more small hands in yours.

No more violence and anger,
No more bile and hate,
No more guns or shootings,
Please, no more.

  1. Laura_MotherloadHQ 2 years ago

    Very moving Alison. Heartbreaking event x

  2. […] was, however, brilliantly shut down by Brendan Cox, widower of Jo Cox MP, who was murdered by a far-right extremist (distinctly separate from any potentially affiliated […]

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