Want A Side Hustle You Can Really Do From Home? Here Are 6 Ideas To Get You Started

Want A Side Hustle You Can Really Do From Home? Here Are 6 Ideas To Get You Started

You might see a lot of adverts for ‘incredible opportunities to earn money from home’, but as many people have been unfortunate to discover over the years, the MLM trap is not something you want to fall into. 

But does that mean there aren’t other ways you can earn money from home? Of course not! If anything, the COVID pandemic has presented even more opportunities to work from home thanks to better home working tools and practices. 

Having a side hustle is a great way to earn some extra money, and with opportunities to work from your own home, you’ll be able to find a routine that works for you, your family and any other jobs you might have.

Check out these six side hustle ideas you can do from home.

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1. Copywriting/proofreading/editing

If you have a way with words, then using your language skills could help you make money at home. Copywriting, editing and proofreading are services that are in demand, and you could find work that you can complete within your free time, without committing to set days or hours.

Explore how to become a copywriter to see if it’s a good fit for you.

2. Aesthetics

If you’ve got the right medical qualifications, then providing aesthetic treatments from home could be another great way for you to make money alongside your job. Online aesthetics courses can help you learn the skills you need to make sure you’re fully qualified to provide these types of treatments. You’ll be able to choose your own hours and make a great return on your treatments too.

Setting up a clean and professional home studio can provide a fantastic environment for aesthetic treatments, helping clients feel comfortable and at ease for something that can be a daunting treatment!

3. Personal training

Do you have a passion for fitness? Why not become a personal trainer? If you’re already dedicating your time to getting fit, you could be helping others do the same. You could run sessions out of a home gym or your back garden, and you could provide online coaching too. There are accessible training plans to help you get your qualifications while juggling your other commitments. 

Hosting your own fitness and diet plans can be an excellent way to make some passive income, while also helping you indulge your love for health and fitness. Even Joe Wicks started somewhere!

4. Beauty services

There are a lot of different beauty services you can offer from the comfort of your own home. Services like manicures and eyebrow treatments are particularly popular, as are services like lash extensions. Courses for beauty treatments are easy to find and can be affordable too, helping you gain the necessary qualifications and training in no time to start getting clients in through your front door.

Showing off your services on Instagram and other types of social media will help you get the local word of mouth that could bring you a steady stream of clients.

5. Baking

It could be the Bake Off effect, or it could be the result of lockdown boredom, but cakes are in popular demand. If you’ve got a flair for baking, you could enjoy a fun and tasty side hustle with baking from home. Starting a cake business from home is easier than you might think and who knows, it could even lead to your own Bake Off appearance!

You’ll definitely want to create an Instagram account to make people’s mouths water at your beautiful and delicious cakes!

6. Blogging

Do you want to share your voice with others? Maybe you’ve got expertise or a passion for something you know people love to read about? If so, blogging could be just up your street. There are a lot of ways to make money from blogging, and if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it, it could really pay off. At the very least, you’ll have a fun and creative hobby that will connect you with a lot of like-minded people.  

Starting a side hustle is one of the ways you can make your earnings go further. When you can run your business from home, you’ll have low overheads and can make the work fit in around your other commitments. Think you’ve got what it takes to start a fun and exciting side hustle? Explore the options and start making real money from home.

Kate Dyson

Kate is the Founder of The Motherload, the 'owner' of one husband, two daughters, two cats and one rabbit. She loves wine, loathes exercise and fervently believes in the power of women supporting women. Find me on instagram: @themotherloadhq

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