My Big Fat 5:2 Diary: The Beginning

My Big Fat 5:2 Diary: The Beginning

There’s no doubt, making humans inside your body can take its toll on your body and your health; stretched stomach muscles, weight gain, and feeling tired. Motherload blogger Emma is sharing her journey, as she tries to lose weight and get back in shape.

About 2 and a half years ago now when my littlest was a few months old I decided to give the 5:2 diet a try. I watched the documentary which is a very interesting watch if you have a spare 58 minutes. I read the book and was very impressed with all the health benefits besides weight loss so decided to give it a try.

I successfully lost 3 stone in a year, I slept better, my skin was better, I had more energy and really thought I had landed on something I could stick with for life. My appetite lessened and I exercised regularly and felt really strong. Then I broke my finger, which sounds ridiculous when I write it down but I’m an all or nothing kind of person. I had to stop attending the Bootcamp I attended for obvious reasons so I decided to stop going to Zumba too and to stop walking and running. Soon after that, I stopped fasting and a year after that I found myself having gained two stone back again.  It was fun though, I won’t lie!

I tried and failed to restart several times without success. I couldn’t find the willpower to fast so I decided to join Slimming World. Now the thing about Slimming World is it sounds great on paper ‘eat what you like’ but that’s like a red flag to a bull and I really did overeat, sometimes for the sake of eating. I did lose a little weight but I kept gaining it back and playing with the same few pounds all the time.

Then August came around, well I just threw caution to the wind, didn’t I. I went to a festival, followed by a holiday to Spain and finally a camping trip. I got home, I ate some more. I was in pre-diet, eat everything in the house mode. I knew I was getting close to the point where I was about to burst out of my clothes.

Anyway, soon it’s my birthday and after my birthday Christmas seems to be upon us and who starts a diet at Christmas?!

I kind of swing between being this hippy-type character who thinks my body is amazing and beautiful and it’s birthed 2 children so is allowed to be a bit fat, then I see a photo of myself when I’m not breathing in and I want to cry. I have no desire to be skinny; a comfortable size 12 will do me. This is it. I’m restarting 5:2 and will bring you a weekly update for as long as I can be bothered or until I fall off the wagon!

I will be as honest and real as I can and I hope you enjoy joining me on my weight loss journey.

About Emma Dunn

I’m a London-based mum of two crazy boys. 33 going on 17. Snap Happy Foodie, Ginnie and Gobby. Just winging it (aren’t we all?) juggling all the balls and trying to raise gentlemen.  Peace out.

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