Coronavirus: Hoax Formula Posts

Coronavirus: Hoax Formula Posts

Viral posts advising parents to phone formula companies, or 111 to request formula are FALSE INFORMATION.

Our moderator, Erin, has contacted formula companies and 111 to check the validity of the claims in the current viral posts.

Aptamil Customer Services have confirmed that this is false information. Their spokesperson has said:

“I’m afraid this is not true and I’m really sorry to hear that people are spreading false rumours at such a worrying time. The World Health Organisation guidelines on the promotion of breastmilk substitutes STRICTLY prohibit us from giving out free milk under ANY circumstances.”

NHS 111 have also confirmed that it is not possible for them to issue prescriptions for normal baby formula.

If you are struggling to obtain formula please contact your Health Visitor for support and further information.

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You can see more about this story from The Motherload® on Yahoo and the myth-busting website, Snopes

Alison McGarragh-Murphy

Alison McGarragh-Murphy writes and edits stuff for The Motherload, and is also a radio producer and broadcast journalist, a mum of two and a wife of one. Since becoming a mother she has (mostly) gladly swapped a busy social life of gigs, pubs, art galleries and museums for dancing in the kitchen, drinking on the sofa, finger painting and hanging out at the park. She talks incessantly about not having slept for five years. Follow Alison on Twitter @BertaFanta and on Facebook @ammblogs

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