MOLO Video: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man Parenting Parody

MOLO Video: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man Parenting Parody


Mom shaming ain’t cool no Mom shaming ain’t kind

Cause I don’t judge you when you scratch your behind

Ain’t no good at Pinterest leaves me in a bind


I’m only human and a mom

A chubby human still have a mum tum

I had a section C

Don’t put the shame on me


(Just winging it)

Some Mommas breastfeed for longer

Some Mommas bottle feed

Some Mommas use cry it out

Some Mommas co sleep


Raising a human free time has gone

A tiny human don’t beat your preachy drum

I let him watch T.V.

Thank god for Hey Duggee


I wish I had time to judge like you do

But I’m busy with kid stuff like cleaning up poo

You should catch up with Netflix – watch Louis Theroux (or get a hobby?)


I’m always trying I make mistakes.

Find me feeling guilty or eating cakes

Whether I work or stay at home don’t have time to pee

Don’t put the shame on me


Just winging it

Some Mommas bake organic quinoa

Some Mommas fast food

Some Mommas keep it tidy town

Some Mommas live in mess


Where are the humans who don’t say ‘why’?

My toddler screams, tantrums and cries

And ya I drink chablis

Don’t put the shame on me


I live on carbs and coffee and cake

8 O clock why’s he still awake?

Tesco is my shopping spree

Don’t put the shame on me


I’m only human I eat from a can

A wonder woman multitask like Batman

Doing my best I guarantee

Don’t put the shame on me

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About Riona O’ Connor

Riona, AKA The Unnatural Woman is an actor, singer, over-eater and blogger, usually found on a West End stage. Nowadays she spends much of her time despairing over how to entertain her young baby or plotting how to make Wine Time as compulsory as baby groups and cake.

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