Nursery Room Ideas: What To Buy And What To DIY

Nursery Room Ideas: What To Buy And What To DIY

One of the most exciting things about being an expectant mom is to start your baby’s nursery. When you search for ideas on the Internet, you’re sure to find a whole myriad of ideas to choose from. Those ideas can help get your baby’s nursery off the ground. Little by little, it’ll come to life, ready for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

While exciting, it also can’t be denied that many baby items and furniture for a nursery can be quite expensive. Buying gives you the convenience of not having to do things yourself anymore. But, this convenience can come with a price. Getting your crafty side in the picture also comes with its own set of advantages – like personalising the nursery’s design elements.

This is the reason why your nursery should have a blend of ready-made items and those you can DIY. You can start sprucing up your baby’s nursery with this perfect mix of what to buy, and what you should DIY.

What’s Worth Buying

First on this list are items for your nursery that are worth buying.

1. Crib

The baby’s crib is a non-negotiable purchase. Obviously, your baby will need a place to sleep in. Moms have their preferences for sleeping arrangements. So, if you intend on sleep training your baby early and having them get used to their room, sleeping in a crib is a good idea.

Once you start looking for a crib, you’re sure to come across a wide range of options. There are cribs in all sorts of designs, colours, and sizes. To be practical, however, you may want to choose convertible cribs and those that come with a cot and mattress package. Those types of cribs can be converted to a toddler bed, so the bed grows together with your baby.

2. Changing Table

During your baby’s first year of life, you’re guaranteed to go through a whole lot of diaper changes. This is the reason why your nursery needs a changing table. It’s an essential piece of furniture worth buying, as it’s one you can reuse for multiple children. Once you’re done with all the diaper changes, the changing table can easily be converted into any ordinary drawer or piece of furniture.

A good changing table provides a safe place for parents to do diaper changes. For tired parents, this is heaven-sent, as it can keep the mess contained in just one tiny area. You won’t have to worry about poop explosions on the bed or the couch.

The changing table can also keep your busy days more organised. It also has enough compartments to hold the essentials for diaper changes. That way, everything is in one place – right when you need it.

3. Rocking Chair Or Nursing Chair

Whether or not you intend on breastfeeding long, another must-buy for your nursery is a rocking chair or nursing chair. Yes, we heard you. Breastfeeding chairs are expensive! But, you don’t really need to have a breastfeeding chair per se. Any single-sofa or rocking chair will do. What matters most is you’re comfortable in it.

The rocking chair comes in handy for long nights when you’ll want to rock your baby to sleep after nursing them or giving them the bottle. Try out different chairs before buying one. Once you’re over that stage, that same chair can be used as a rocking chair in your living room. So, it’s always worth the buy anyway to include in your baby shopping list.

What You Can DIY

If you love to do a DIY, you may also want to get your creative juices flowing for these DIY projects:

1. Unique Piece Of Artwork

Whether you’re an artistic parent or not, you may always create unique artwork to hang on your baby’s nursery. There are many things you can try out like a floral monogram of your baby’s initial for girls. If you’re expecting a boy, you can have framed cut-up crayons or Lego pieces with your baby’s initial, too.

2. Pom-Pom Rugs

Nurseries will usually have soft carpets or play mats. But, a trend now that’s prevalent in many nursery ideas is pom-pom rugs. As its name implies, it’s a carpet or rug made out of pom-poms put together to form a big carpet or rug.

Apart from looking cute, pom-pom rugs are also great for babies when they start crawling. They provide an avenue for your baby to practice sensory play, which is an important part of their development.


Getting your baby’s little nursery ready is always an exciting thing to do. But, you may still need to watch your budget and not go overboard with your purchases. You can do yourself (and your wallet) a favour by choosing what to buy and what not to buy. The most important thing is that as you’re the mom, you should be happy with the result. The list above should give you a good start on finally making your dream nursery design come to life.

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