CBeebies: An Ode To Hey Duggee

CBeebies: An Ode To Hey Duggee

Hands up if you’d pay the licence fee for CBeebies alone? Many a parent has counted its programmes as life-savers, giving them precious moments of time to visit the toilet alone, not be climbed on, or breathe for example. Here, Motherload blogger Claire Miller pays homage to her own CBeebies hero, Hey Duggee.

An Ode To Hey Duggee

Dear Duggee, my saviour, my hero, you star,

I don’t think you realise how useful you are


When mummy needs peace or a cup of hot tea

She sits her toddler in front of you on TV


Don’t get me wrong, you’re not on all day

Just an episode or two keeps insanity away.


You’re the cartoon of choice in our home at the mo,

Far superior to any other CBeebies show.


You see, Mr Tumble’s too weird… Bing’s a wet fish,

Mr Bloom’s annoying (although a bit of a dish),


The Night Garden’s creators were clearly high

And Kate and Mim Mim – dear God, WHY?!!


Waybuloo’s rather freaky, the Teletubbies are mad

And Justin – please don’t sing, because it sounds bad.


But Duggee, you big-eared, marvellous dog.

You and those Squirrels, that monkey, and frog


You transfix my boy– he’s sweetly obsessed.

Five minutes of you allows mummy to get dressed,


To speed-tidy the kitchen, put the washing machine on

Without cries and calls of “mummy, where you gone?”


I can rummage in the cupboard for a cheeky biscuit snack,

Not be asked to share it, and scoff it behind little one’s back.


You’re eccentric and clever and really quite witty

And you’ve prompted a grown woman to write you a ditty.


Because this mum’s a fan, as much as her son

In fact she often watches rather than getting things done.


Though she’ll maintain kids TV was better in her day

You’re very much the exception, she’s happy to say.


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About Claire

Claire is a radio journalist who’s worked on some of the biggest commercial radio stations and brands in the country. She lives by the sea with her husband and crazy toddler.

Image Credit: Mark Young

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