Sam Quek’s Call to End Mum Guilt – Once and For All!

Sam Quek’s Call to End Mum Guilt – Once and For All!

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Parenthood often feels like a tightrope walk that we undertake, especially as mums. The juggle is real – and the mental load we carry can be super heavy at times, can’t it?

In a recent study by the UK’s leading kids vitamin brand, Haliborange, they have shed light on an issue that resonates deeply with parents across the nation. According to their research, a staggering 95% of UK mums like us, with young children aged 3-11, experience what has become commonly known as ‘Mum Guilt.’ We know it only too well – that gnawing feeling that lingers in the background, making you question whether you’re doing enough as a parent. But is there an end in sight?

Sam’s message for the press

In this open letter to the press, Olympic Gold Medallist and devoted parent advocate, Sam Quek MBE, is calling for what we all would dearly love to see: an end to ‘Mum Guilt’. Sam’s message resonates with us all, as she urges us all, but especially the press and UK media, to focus on ‘Parent Pride’ instead. Parenting should be about cherishing everyday victories, small wins that make us feel proud as parents and taking a moment to appreciate our parenting and the children we are raising to be future adults and members of our society. 

With statistics revealing that ‘Mum Guilt’ often stems from not spending enough time with our children, comparing ourselves to others, or not being fully present, Sam’s open letter is an inspiring rallying cry to celebrate our moments of parental triumph. 

Will you support Sam’s message to end Mum Guilt once and for all?

“Dear editors, readers and members of the media,

Mum guilt is something that affects so many of us, but I genuinely didn’t expect it to be quite so extensive, with a huge 95% of mums experiencing this on a daily basis, according to new research from Haliborange.

It’s incredibly difficult juggling being a parent alongside all the other challenges and responsibilities in our lives. It feels like we’re being pulled in so many different directions so it’s easy to feel guilty when not everything goes to plan. But instead, we should be celebrating the moments when parents feel most proud and not just focusing on the negatives.

This is why I am getting behind this campaign and pledging to end mum guilt and focus more on parent pride. Hopefully every parent reading this will do the same and make that pledge with me! 

Sam Quek MBE

Kate Dyson

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