50 Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

The summer holidays are a fantastic time for getting outdoors and hanging out with the kids – but they can seem so…relentless. You could be forgiven for running out of ideas (and cash!) for the summer holidays already. But, fear not, The Motherload’s fantastic Facebook community has LOADS of suggestions.

Thanks so much to MOLO Sherren, and everyone else who contributed to this amazing list:

1. Pitch a tent in the garden and camp out for the night.

2. Take a trip to the cinema.

3. Go strawberry picking.

4. Go to the beach for the day.

5. Make bread (it’s easier than it looks).

6. Play board games all day.

7. Go swimming at the nearest lido, or community pool.

8. Go geocaching.

9. Have a water fight, put the sprinkler on, get some squeezy drinks bottles – and most importantly get wet!

10. Go to the library and find some new stories to read. Many put on holiday activities too.

11. Visit a different park to your usual one.

12. Go puddle jumping. Because it’s bound to rain in the holidays – might as well embrace it!

13. Have an arts and crafts day.

14. Go to a farm.

15. Earn a Blue Peter badge.

16. Go on a bike ride.

17. Decorate some pottery.

18. Go around the charity shops.

19. Feed the ducks.

20. Find a pen pal.

21. Go Pokemon hunting.

22. Climb trees.

23. Do a scientific experiment.

25. Rig up some Water balloon pinatas on the washing line. If you don’t have one – improvise, or just put them on the ground.

26. Build a den. All you need is a washing airer or a table, and some blankets and cushions.

27. Visit the museum – most of them are completely free.

28. Have a pyjama day. Take a nap while you’re at it – we all need some down-time once in a while.

29. Make pizzas. There’s a brilliant quick recipe in MOLO Marianne’s Quick Meals for Hungry Kids blog.

30. Let’s go fly a kite! If you don’t have one, you could have a go at making one with a couple of sticks and some fabric. 

31. Go on a butterfly and bug hunt. Take a plastic tub with a lid with some holes in and the kids can hold them captive for a moment to have a closer look.

32. Make friends with an elderly neighbour – do accompany your children.

33. Do a Junior Parkrun.

34. Bake biscuits and cakes. If you have a surplus, you could let the kids sell them on a table in the front yard.

35. Make a treasure hunt.

36. Bury a time capsule. (Soooo Blue Peter!)

37. Go blackberry picking and make jam.

38. Plant sunflowers.

39. Make an obstacle course in the garden.

40. Make popcorn and have a movie night on the sofa.

41. Go on a picnic. You don’t have to go far – it could be at the local playing field or in the garden.

42. Climb trees.

43. Make lemonade (especially if someone gives you lemons…).

44. Give someone a surprise.

45. Dim the lights, play some cheesy tunes from YouTube or Spotify and have a disco.

46. Learn how to skim a stone.

47. Follow the river and see where it takes you!

48. Have a yard sale on the pavement, so the kids can sell old toys and books.

49. Get out the white bed sheets and have a pretend wedding.

50. Put the kids to bed early and drink wine! You’ve earned it. (You can find out how to get free wine in this fab MOLO blog!)

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