Science for Kids: Magnetic Sensory Bags

Science for Kids: Magnetic Sensory Bags

Days out don’t come cheaply so we thought we’d put together a few inexpensive and completely free ideas to help entertain the kids at home. Most of them will use things you have around the house too. Feel free to share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Without further ado, I give you…


You will need:

Duct tape
Ziplock bag
Baby oil
Various non-magnetic (lego, buttons etc) and magnetic objects (safety pins, copper coins etc)


Fill the ziplock bag with the baby oil and objects

Use the duct tape to seal the bag.


The magnetic sensory bags were left out for the children to explore, they felt the objects in the bag and made their predictions as to which objects would be attracted to the magnet, I asked the 4 year old to justify his answers. We then used the magnet to see if our predictions were correct, and to separate the magnetic and non magnetic objects within the bag.


The children decided to use their magnets on their toys and various household items, and sorted them into magnetic or non-magnetic objects.

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Paloma Thompson

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