#BeMoreMOLO: The Anonymous Gift

#BeMoreMOLO: The Anonymous Gift

As Kaylie posted in The Motherload® Facebook Community, she felt frantic. Her little boy, Reggie, was due to start treatment for a cystic hygroma, a growth on his neck and under arm, and she was desperately trying to find something for him to wear post-op that was comfortable and wouldn’t pull him about when he was sore and recovering. 

After searching for an age online, she finally posted in The Motherload®, and wrote:

“Hey Mummies, I’m in desperate need of some help. I’ve looked everywhere. So my son is due to start treatment on a cystic hygroma which he has on his neck and under the arm. So we need open front popper vest the only one I’ve seen are for tiny babies we will need 6-9 months. He will be very sore after his injections and I don’t want to pull him about the get him dressed. Any help is much appreciated thank you x”

The MOLOs jumped into action, and searched high and low to find appropriate vests, or sleepsuits that would help. 

“H&M sell the open front popper vests, to to 12 or 18 months I believe, I had them for my daughter as she was in hospital & had lots of wires and things and sticky pads on chests etc. They were brilliant” offered Fiona. 

“Mothercare do a wrap front vest in 6-9 it’s out of stock on their website but maybe your local store would have stock? If you are totally desperate I have some jersey material and could make a couple for you” Claire kindly said. 

Sarah chipped in: “H&M do the wrap around ones, so do the scandi brands, like POP and others. You can get lots second hand. I am in a second hand Scandi group I can add you if you add me as a friend and do a shout out as am sure someone will have some. They also do zip up baby grows and bits that are easier to put in with minimal fiddling. Hope all goes well for your little one X”

In fact, over a hundred MOLOs commented and offered to help Kaylie find something suitable, and gave so many ideas of what would to help her little boy be as happy as he possibly could be while recovering from his procedure. She was enormously touched by the kindness of so many strangers. 

But then, something even more magical happened. 

Little did Kaylie know, but a big dollop of MOLO kindness was about to hit her not once, but twice. Heather Rosignoli got in touch with her as she had some suitable sleepsuits that would be perfect for Kaylie’s son, and asked for her address. But she then shared this with her best friend Lauren Thomas, who was also so touched by Kaylie’s post that she knew she had to do her bit too. Lauren’s own son had spent a short amount of time in hospital, and this resonated deeply. 

“Heather is my bestie so naturally she shared info with me, and I felt like I needed to do my part too, I had the babygro put away for Luke as a special one for a nice occasion, but when I heard Kaylie and Reggie’s story I just had to send it their way. It’s lovely and soft and I thought after his op he would need something snuggly to travel home in. Kaylie is an inspirational mother. When my little boy was in hospital when he was 3 months old with gastroenteritis and dehydration, it was the worst few days of my life but I was very lucky that it was so short-lived and we were home soon after. I can’t imagine how Kaylie must be feeling day to day knowing that her baby is poorly. She’s incredible!”

When Lauren’s lovely package and note arrived, Kaylie was moved to tears and quickly scrambled to find her phone to post an update to The Motherload® group to share this amazing kindness from Heather and Lauren. She posted: 

“Just got this through my front door not 100% sure who sent it but who ever did you are truly amazing. I was in tears I want to say a huge thank you to this group and the lady/ family who send this – Reggie was delighted!” 

It quickly transpired that Lauren was the kind secret MOLO, and the members of The Motherload® were incredibly moved by Heather and Lauren’s generosity. 

Belinda wrote: “That’s so lovely! Exactly what this group is about!”

“This made me cry! So amazing x”, Tracey posted. 

“No surprise but that’s made me cry, the generosity of people amazes me” said Alison. 

The extraordinary thing about this story is that until this moment, Lauren and Heather, and Kaylie were strangers, connected by The Motherload® group. They’ll now always be connected through the utter kindness of Lauren and Heather’s generosity, and the need to support another MOLO at a time of need.

Like Heather and Lauren, do something kind today for another mother, or woman and #BeMoreMOLO. 

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