Five Sleep Regression Survival Tips

Five Sleep Regression Survival Tips

I always know we’re in a sleep regression when I start humming the ‘Baby Jake’ theme tune sporadically in my day (thanks CBeebies for starting early- though 5am would be preferable if you read this)

Just as they (babies /toddlers /your sweet, genetically copied spawn) start to sleep a bit better, perhaps more than two hours at a time, somehow the night-time wake-ups or early rising become that bit more aggravating: it’s like smelling the sweet success of a Sunday morning fry up but knowing it’s not coming from your own kitchen.

A few months into parenthood you begin to realise that their sleep has no pattern to it, it just exists, as a thing, and it will drive you potty trying to fathom all the whys!

So we’ll skip those altogether and go for survival tips!

1. Go to bed.

It’s so boring to read but it makes a world of difference if you can grab an early night from time to time or even luck out with a nap during the day (if you just have the one), or some quiet time with the toddler whilst the baby naps… I’ll just leave that there…

2. Ditch the extras

Sleep regressions are NOT the time to start anything new for self improvement: forget the diet until next month, harbour Veganuary for a meat free Feb or Meat-less March (I can keep going with these: Appetising April, Meat-zero May… okay I’ll stop but you get the idea) and KEEP your daily chocolate habit. The chances are that when the regression passes (and it WILL pass, I see you through tear soaked eyes and I’m with you) you’ll feel far more like doing some of the above.

3. Ramp up the snacks

Toddler snacks for breakfast (feel free to join in with this, keep your energy up, this is marathon not a sprint) in front of the TV, saves burning the toast and standing on the dog at the same time through sheer tiredness! I’m talking halved grapes, apple, banana, anything simple which requires little to no thought to prepare. In turn this allows enough time to wake yourself up before cooking toast or burning the porridge.

4. Listen to something that makes you happy

Find a podcast which really lights your fire and either play it out loud with Baby Jake or stick one ear bud in so you can listen out for toddler-shaped catastrophes whilst enjoying some you time. Listening to something interesting requires little effort and gives you a piece of yourself back when you’d much rather still be asleep.

5. Coffee.

Coffee, coffee, coffee. All the coffee. You can do this.


Freyja is a first time mum to baby Max, finding her way in the fog or parenthood. Lover of dogs, and running her own eco cleaning business in Norfolk, any ‘’spare’’ hours are given to writing freelance, however, there’s always time for a chat and some fresh air adventures.

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