Dear Kate, Three is the Magic Number

Dear Kate, Three is the Magic Number

Dear Kate,

I write to you with congratulations! You are pregnant with your third baby, that is fantastic news. As a mum of three myself I’d like to welcome you to the gang and let you know what life can be like with three little ones. The highs and the not so highs.

Let me firstly warn you that your pregnancy is going to be a lot harder. Your Prince and Princess are not going to give two hoots that you have another on board. They will still want to play with you and climb on you. They will also time getting ill and vomiting everywhere perfectly with your morning sickness. Isn’t that nice? You can both share the loo or the ‘royal throne’ as I like to think you call it.

After you have the baby and you meet new people you’ll sometimes be asked how many children you have. Your answer will now be ‘lots’ because that’s what it feels like, lots. Two you can manage. Two is a lot of fun but three makes you and Wills outnumbered and it feels like it too.

It can feel quite hectic. I sometimes describe life with three as chaos. Or just busy. Constantly. But I guess as our Princess you don’t get an awful lot of downtime anyway, so that may stand you in good stead.

There are few moments where all is calm and quiet. One, or all of your precious bundles will want something from you at all times. One is desperate to show you their new ninja jump off the sofa, one has done a poo in ones nappy and one will want a feed – all at the exact same moment. It will feel quite overwhelming at first but you get used to it, I think.

It’s not all doom and gloom, and I don’t want to paint a negative picture for you, however I write to you at a moment of stress. At this present time I’d like all of my three children to just go away. It has been one of those days where I just can’t ‘mum’ right now and I expect you feel like that some days too. You may be royal but that doesn’t mean you have superpowers. You are a mum just like us. But, I chose this moment to address you anyway to show you that even when things feel at their worst, you know you would never change a thing. Even when it’s crazier that you could have thought, you adjust.

And now there will be three times the love in your house than there was before and that is simply gorgeous. You’ll also get three times the laughs!

They each have such individual personalities and little quirks. When they’re all giggling together and bouncing off each other’s fun you can’t help but grin from ear to ear watching them.

One of my favourite things is seeing my older two interact with and encourage their new sister. It’s wonderful to see my four year old cheering as our baby takes her first steps. I’m sure you feel the same joy as you watch George and Charlotte with their new sibling.

Yes it’ll be noisy – but it’ll mainly be laughter that you hear.

Yes it’ll be hard – but it will bring you together.

I can confidently say that after our third baby, our family now feels complete. Three definitely is our magic number and I wish the same for you Kate.

Unless of course you decide to have more in which case you’d just be bonkers!

Sending all my love and fellow mum support,


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Liz is Mum to three small kids with a very small age gap. She enjoys drinking lots of wine to keep her sane, and writing an honest account of the disasters and triumphs in their lives on her blog Mum Still Standing.


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  1. Midwife and Life

    7th September 2017 at 9:39 am

    I have three, for me it’s magic – I have a feeling she may have more!

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