The Last Year Before She Starts School

The Last Year Before She Starts School

This week it has hit home that my eldest daughter will be starting Reception in exactly a year’s time. And I’m SO not ready! As her 4th birthday fast approaches, the months seem to be going too quickly. Time with P is running out.

I’ve therefore decided to make a commitment to really enjoy and cherish this final year having her at home with me. I’m writing it down to make sure I stick to it; because, well, you know. Kids are tough and it’s extremely possible that in the ‘bad moments’ I’ll forget all this, and start wishing time would speed up and whisk her off to school so I can get a break.

So, here we go. The last year. *sob* Here are our goals:

  1. Proper Playing.
    I’m going to play on the floor with P every day for a good stretch of time. This may not sound like something that needs to be planned for but trust me, I have a 1 year old, housework and freelance work to try and fit in.
    Quite often, playing on the floor is a luxury on the rare occasions that everything else is completely done and sorted. So there we have it; goal number 1 is lots of playing dolls houses, train tracks, Sylvanian Families and tractors. But I am going to push for playing hairdressers, as this game allows me to also drink a coffee and that is a clear Mum Win.
  2. Walks.
    P and E both love to explore around the village. Sometimes getting out of the house is a palaver, and it’s easier to avoid wrestling the pushchair out of the car and the hassle of muddy shoes. Last week, we went for a wander around the stream behind our house, and discovered that local children (and adults!) had been secretly creating a fairy garden; complete with fairy doors, signposts, animal houses and painted rocks! The girls LOVED it. It made me realise how much magic and enjoyment we can have so easily and quickly if we get out and about in nature.
  3. Cuddles.
    I hear distressing reports from mums with older kids that as school starts, the frequency of cuddles decreases. This is not the sort of maths equation I am ok with! So I’m going to pack in the cuddles, snuggle up on the sofa, pull her onto my lap and give her kisses. P is such an affectionate little girl, I am not ready to say goodbye to the cuddles!
  4. Random chats.
    Possibly the best thing about a toddler/preschooler is the utterly bonkers and random stuff they come out with. I absolutely LOVE it. I love random chats with P about the world, universe and how things work. Sometimes it’s easy to let toddler chatter become background noise. I’m resolved to listening and loving all the special chats we have. The phone and laptop can wait.
  5. Journal.
    Ever since P was born I have kept a journal. At first I wrote every single thing she did or ate, and then first words and movements. I recorded everything in great detail. As she grew older, I wrote less and less down. Only the funniest sentences or biggest achievements get recorded now. That stops today! Every day this little girl says or does something that is pure comedy or cuteness gold, so it’s all going to get written down so I can treasure those funny quips forever.

I could go on and on with the list…

Ultimately, I am going to enjoy this last year with my sweet little girl, before she grows up and starts on her adventure in the world without me. I am so excited for her to make friends, learn to read, be invited to birthday parties and become the person she’s meant to be.

But I’m also dying inside at the idea she’ll do all that without me. I won’t be there constantly to watch her grow up, and I’ll have to make do with a few sentences at the end of the day as to what she’s been up to. My eyes are filling with tears as I write this! That first day of school is going to be so hard – but also so wonderful. I know there will be so many mixed emotions.

Argh! Ok, crying time over. Isn’t it hard to watch your little babies grow up and become more independent?! It’s such a conflict, because I also can’t wait to see who she’s going to become.

I am so lucky. One more year of just us together at home – playing, chatting, cuddling, reading, arguing, exploring and learning from each other. I’m determined to cherish every moment.

One more year and then she’s off to school. The Last Year.

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